March 10, 2009

Texas Photo ID for Voting Bill

SB 362 a bill relating to requiring a voter to present proof of identification before voting.

I've been listeing to the Senate Democrats today, ask the same questions over and over today. They are wasteing the time of wittinesses and citizens and making them wait for these questions that have been answered several times. Looks like all 12 Democrats are going to ask the same question. Over and over again, Senator Frazer has refered them to the Sec. of State.

One thing is certain, the Texas Senate Democrats do not know what they are talking about. It is very evident that they do not even know what happens in a polling place on election day.

Here are the insulting excuses the Democrats have made defending this bill, people are too minority, too old, too poor, too ignorant to find the driver's license office and the hours it is open to get an ID.

Anyone that elected these Democrats should evaluate what they have said today and realize how poorly they are being represented. In fact, they've wasted an entire day of the 140 day session of the Texas Senate.

Should the Texas State Legislature pass immigration enforcement laws in 2009?