March 16, 2008

At least 300 arrested in cockfighting bust

At least 300 arrested in cockfighting bust

03:48 PM CDT on Sunday, March 16, 2008



Jonathan Betz reports
March 15, 2008
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NAVARRO COUNTY — At least 300 people were arrested Saturday night for viewing or participating in cockfighting in Navarro County.

About 20 law enforcement officers served warrants on a cockfighting arena three miles west of Emhouse on County Road 1145. The department’s Criminal Investigation Division had been looking into the operation for about 6 months.

The suspects, most of whom don't speak English, were processed at the scene. Deputies expected to find weapons and other contraband. The sheriff’s office also notified immigration officials about the raid.

The SPCA was at the scene to deal with the large numbers of animals. It was expected to take all night and into Sunday for the crime scene, about 45 miles southeast of Dallas, to be processed.

New Mexico outlawed cockfighting one year ago this month. Louisiana is the only state where the activity remains legal.


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