May 1, 2006

About Texas Association of Business & Chambers of Commerce

Texas Association of Business

"In 1922, three San Antonio businessmen -- G.M. Kneibel, G.G. Geyer, and I.M. McIlhenny -- anticipated the start of a new era for Texas business. The predicted the need for a coordinated effort to deal with emerging public policy issues, and formed the Texas State Manufacturers Association.

In 1946, the organization's state headquarters were moved from San Antonio to Houston. Recognizing the state's economy reached beyond agricultural, petrochemical, and manufacturing industries, as evidenced by the rapid growth of service and financial sectors, the organization became the Texas Association of Business (TAB) in 1976. In 1990, TAB completed a state headquarters building in Austin -- a permanent home just four blocks from the Texas State Capitol."

"About the Texas Chamber of Commerce

In 1988, the Texas Chamber of Commerce was officially chartered through the consolidation of the regional East, South, and West Texas Chambers of Commerce, which had served the state's local chambers of commerce since the 1920s. As the umbrella organization for hundreds of local chambers of commerce statewide, the Austin-based Texas Chamber actively pursued the creation of new jobs within the state by promoting sound economic legislation at the State Capitol and working closely with legislators, state agencies, and other business organizations on laws and regulations that would promote growth and allow the free enterprise system to function smoothly."

"Another priority of the Texas Chamber was to improve the state's public education system by helping develop a workforce capable of competing in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced workplace. To coordinate this effort, the Texas Chamber developed the Texas Business and Education Coalition, an organization aimed at promoting responsible school improvement initiatives and ensuring that state regulation does not impede efforts to raise student achievement levels."

"About the Texas Association of
Business & Chambers of Commerce

Texas Business has seen major changes since the 1920s and Texas employers need an organization that can expand and diversify to meet new needs while offering members an effective voice in the policy-making process."

"The Texas Association of Business & Chambers of Commerce was formed in 1995 for one reason: the combined strength of the Texas Association of Business and the Texas Chamber of Commerce was both logical and necessary as the burgeoning Texas economy forges into the 21st Century. Through vigilant legislative and regulatory action, helpful employment relations services, informative workshops and seminars, cost-saving benefit programs for both small and large employers, and other unique member services, TABCC is better positioned than any other organization to lead Texas employers through the challenges that a new era of business will certainly present."

President Bill Hammond


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