December 17, 2008

Oak Point City Council rescinds English-only resolution

06:29 AM CST on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Oak Point City Council rescinded its English-only resolution with a 3-2 vote Monday night, about 18 months after adopting it.

The difference between the votes was a change in leadership in the small Denton County town.

In June 2007, council members Jim Almond, Leslie Maynard and Mark Rakestraw voted to adopt the measure.

On Monday night, council members Colleen Cameron, Judith Camp and Jim Wohletz voted to rescind it. Ms. Cameron defeated Ms. Maynard last spring in a runoff.

Mayor Duane Olson said he put the resolution on the agenda. He believed the city needed to get rid of the resolution after Lewisville considered a similar measure in October.

Lewisville Mayor Gene Carey had linked Oak Point with Farmers Branch, and Mr. Olson said he took exception to the characterization.

Farmers Branch officials have been battling in court to pass an ordinance that would ban illegal immigrants from renting apartments in that city.

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