December 20, 2008

We the People Jeers to Bud Kennedy

Jeers: To Bud Kennedy for continuing to advertise his ignorance of the facts. He continues to write about people and organizations that are "anti-immigration." They are anti-illegal immigration. Will someone please explain the difference to Kennedy?

— Wayne Pricer, Edgecliff Village

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American Patriot said...

I have explained it to Big Bud many times and he gets it...he's a racist!

Just like La Raza and all the other "Hispanics" get it.

Their only goal is the "reconquista" of the American Southwest and the entire U.S.

They multiply exponentially and will win this undeclared war by the NUMBERS.

Americans must revolt very soon now, before it's too late!

Should the Texas State Legislature pass immigration enforcement laws in 2009?