July 9, 2008

Austin Police Say "Watch Your Car"



July is "Watch Your Car" month and Austin Police say to promote it, they're offering tips that could keep your car from being stolen.

Police say a car is stolen in Texas every five minutes. APD's Veneza Aguinaga says in 2007, 95,000 vehicles were stolen in Texas, many because keys were left in the ignition. She says vehicles are often stolen for the resale of parts, insurance fraud and to transport illegal immigrants.

Aguinaga says you can make it harder for your car to be taken by having an anti-theft device, with a kill-switch installed. She says vehicle identification number, or VIN etchings may also help deter thieves. She says this month, APD will offer free VIN etchings and information to promote auto and burglary theft awareness, according to the following schedule: (removed)

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