July 15, 2008

Two-year National Guard Operation at the Border Ends Tuesday

Can the Border Patrol handle a Mexican drug war and illegal immigration on its own?
By KTRH's Scott Crowder
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colonel Robert Canon is the Guard's Commander of Operation Jumpstart in Texas. "It was just supposed to be the two years, to give them (Border Patrol) a chance to increase their numbers."

Lloyd Easterling of the Border Patrol says the operation has been successful. "We're seeing less and less illegal cross border traffic. So it's something that we've managed to continue to gain incrementally -- is security along that border."

But Minutemen President Chris Simcox doesn't think the Border Patrol is ready. "At this point Border Patrol still needs not only the 6,000 agents and the 6,000 personnel of the National Guard, they need about 10,000 more."

Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says he's working to extend the guard's operation. "Like having more police in your local neighborhood, having more eyes and ears on the border for surveillance and protection has really been a help."

Congressman Brady says it's still possible Congress can authorize the funding to keep Operation Jumpstart going.

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