July 17, 2008

We the People: Illegal is the problem with immigration

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Letter: Illegal is the problem with immigration

Cokie and Steve Roberts (column, July 13) have it all wrong. Americans are not against immigration; they are against illegal immigration.

I love throwing a party and inviting guests to enjoy my home and yard. I would not like coming home to find my backyard filled with uninvited people who are trashing my house and yard, eating my food and demanding I pay for their doctor's visits, educating their kids and giving them a place to live.

Legal immigrants follow the rules and earn their right to citizenship. Illegal immigrants do not.

The fact that in these politically correct times you cannot call a lawbreaker a criminal and treat them as such is pathetic.

It is not my - nor my country's - responsibility to provide for the world.

Lynn Harris


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