July 30, 2008

We the People - The problem is clear

The problem is clear

Extensive and explosive population growth is the root of all of our problems. Our resources are tapping out and the cost of living is constantly going up as resources deplete and demand increases. Highways are perpetually inadequate and are always under repair. Schools are underfunded. Hospitals are going broke. Wages are decreasing.

This country is in a constant state of catching up to population demands. When is it going to stop? The time to get serious about stabilizing our population growth is years overdue. Our government needs to stop pussyfootin’ around and get serious about securing our borders and enforcing our immigration laws. Forget amnesty and tell those who have invaded us that by a set deadline they must be out of this country or expect consequences. Then enforce those consequences.

The public needs to start demanding that our elected officials get proactive. Eight years discussing the matter is too long.

— Toby Cappel, Fort Worth

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