July 9, 2008

We the People - Opinion Letters for Wednesday

Illegal equals injustice

Re: "Mexicans leaving under duress – Economy, enforcement cited as consulates see sharp rise in returnees," Saturday news story.

Never before have I witnessed such injustice and unfairness to American people. Most illegal immigrants think America owes them something simply because they showed up on our doorstep. However, they showed up in this country with fake Social Security numbers, fake drivers licenses, a fake life.

Are Americans supposed to simply ignore such contempt for our laws? Are we expected to just suck it up and continue paying for their schooling and their insurance bills?

Gloria Miller, Irving

Don't grant parents citizenship

Re: "Students cling to American dream – Rep. Johnson hopes to stave off deportation of 3 North Texas teens," Monday Metro.

Three illegal immigrant kids who feel they should not be deported because their parents entered America illegally. Excuse me, but this is a problem the parents caused. To allow these kids citizenship is rewarding the parents.

It is a shame the kids are caught in the middle, but I will always be opposed to those who are illegal and abusing our health care system, education system and any social programs that legal taxpayers are supporting, not to mention sending their money back to support others in their home countries.

I would support the Dream Act if a bill was passed stating illegal parents will never receive citizenship unless they go home and apply for it according to our laws.

Never should a parent be rewarded for using his or her children to receive a free pass for breaking our laws.

Paula Baughman, Irving

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