July 13, 2008

We the People - Respect for Mexican laws only?

Respect for Mexican laws only?

Re: "Mexicans leaving under duress – Economy, enforcement cited as consulates see sharp rise in returnees," July 5 news story.

Does anyone else see the irony of the story regarding illegal immigrants returning to Mexico?

While it appears they aren't too concerned about providing documentation or following the rule of law in this country, they are concerned enough to get documentation for their children to enter Mexican schools upon their return.

Is this because the Mexican government actually enforces its sovereignty? And, if that is the case, why do activists persist in seeing it as a crime for our borders and our laws to be enforced?

People who are here legally should have nothing to worry about, but those who skirt the law need to understand that we do have laws and that, just like in their own country, they need to be enforced.

Ellen Kudlicki, Carrollton

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