September 5, 2008

Job applicant is busted by U.S. Border Patrol


DETROIT-- The U.S. Border Patrol didn't have to go far to make this bust: a man who applied to become a border agent.

Jugert Haxhiu, 26, lied about U.S. citizenship on his application and during a job interview in August, the Border Patrol said.

He's charged with falsely claiming to be a citizen, which is a requirement to be an agent.

Haxhiu is a native of Albania who was ordered out of the United States in 2004, agent Richard Gordon said in a court filing.

Defense attorney Richard O'Neill represented Haxhiu during a brief hearing Thursday in federal court in Detroit. He declined to comment today.

During the job interview, Haxhiu "went on to state that, although he had no proof of U.S. citizenship, he could obtain proof from the immigration office upon request," Gordon said.

He's due in court again on Sept. 24.

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