September 16, 2008

Side Step - Reynosa 'alligator' could be a crocodile

An "alligator" found by Reynosa officials could actually be a crocodile.

Officials from the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville said the Monday evening story that aired on Action 4 News and KGBT4.COM caught their attention.

Zoo officials have not examined the animal but said photos and video clearly show the animal has physical features of a crocodile.

A herpetologist from the zoo said the animal could be a Morelet's crocodile, a species native to Tamaulipas south of San Fernando.

He said the animal could be an escaped pet or may have been captured in the wild and brought to Reynosa somehow.

Mexican authorities recently posted signs on their side of the Rio Grande to warn swimmers and immigrants about alligators seen in the Rio Grande.

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