September 8, 2008

We the People - Iced Donuts

Iced Donuts

Dear Editor:

On Aug. 25, ICE conducted another raid. This time the target was the Howard Industries transformer plant in Laurel, Miss. resulting in the arrest of nearly 600 illegal aliens. Again, ICE released about a hundred of them for so called ‘humanitarian reasons’ (pregnant women and women with dependent children). No company officials were arrested. Company officials not on record of having used the ‘e-verify’ program to check their workers immigration status as required by law, should have been arrested there and then. They richly deserve a nice jail vacation at taxpayer’s expense. I don’t believe in this so called ‘humanitarian’ nonsense. Did these people act humanitarian when they deliberately and illegally crossed our borders and took jobs away from American workers? We are making some progress, but ICE should change their ‘humanitarian’ and ‘hands of company officials’ nonsense policies. The majority of Americans want all illegal aliens out of the country. These aliens can protest all they want in their own countries and against their own government, but not here in our country.

On Aug. 28, prosecutors announced that Lawrence Shipley III, president of Shipley Do-Nuts, was placed on probation for six months and fined $6,000 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of allowing illegal aliens to be hired. This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an insult to the American people. It only sends a message to employers of illegal aliens that they can continue hiring illegals, because in case they are caught, they pay a small fine, lay low for 6 months and continue their hiring practices as if nothing had happened. The prosecutor in this case is wasting taxpayer’s money. He will probably enjoy free do-nuts for the rest of his life, compliments of Shipley Do-Nuts.

A.N.M. Geldens


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