September 23, 2008

We the People - Shapleigh gripe

This is in response to Eliot Shapleigh's call for a change in "real leadership" to ameliorate the underfunding of basic mental- health programs such as MHMR.

I agree with his principle that Texas should find a way to increase funding to serve more constituents in these programs.

I do not agree, however, in bloating the El Paso county hospital's coffers, whether by state funding or county taxes, to provide assistance to every undocumented immigrant who wants to reside in El Paso.

I want to remind voters that Mr. Shapleigh proposed instituting a state income tax back in the 1990s.

I'm assuming his calls for a change in "real leadership" is a reference to a Democratic-controlled state Legislature and governorship.

I am an Independent. I supported Mr. Shapleigh long before he endorsed a state income tax. I have never supported him since; I simply don't trust him.

Voters beware: Once you have a state income tax, you will never be able to get rid of it.

Michael P. Skindell / East El Paso

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