September 5, 2008

Police Seize Steroids From Grapevine Apartment

Tenant Faces 11 Counts Of Possession(CBS 11 News) Grapevine police confirm they arrested a man Tuesday at a Grapevine apartment complex after they found anabolic steroids in his apartment.

Authorities had a search warrant for the apartment in the 2700 block of Grapevine Mills Parkway. Police said they were told of a damaged parcel package that moved through JFK International Airport.

That Immigration and Customs Enforcement division took note of the Grapevine address and called the police there.According to the arrest warrant,"liquid vials and pill bottles were hidden inside the frame of an illuminated picture" in the package.

Grapevine PD spokesperson Sgt. Kim Smith said the department is not aware of this being tied to any bigger investigation or who the intended recipients of the steroids might be.

According to reports, Maen Odeh, 31, was the only resident and occupant of the apartment at the time of the arrest.

Authorities said Odeh was born in Kuwait and is a citizen of Jordan. They say he is in the U.S. on a conditional residence visa, which is usually issued to immigrants who have gotten married to a U.S. citizen within the last two years. Certain foreign investors are also eligible for a conditional residence visa. It's not clear how Odeh received his visa.

A spokesman for Wayland Baptist University in Plainview says Odeh, who is 6'10", played on its basketball team from 2000 to 2003.In addition to the package that came through New York, police also found anabolic steroids in other locations in Odeh's apartment.

Odeh is charged with 11 counts of possession of steroids. He bonded out of the Grapevine Jail Friday afternoon.

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