September 8, 2008

Two arrested here on counts of ID thefts in Calif., Texas

Two RSI Employees were arrested Thursday in connection with identity theft cases in California and Texas.

Antonio Tornez Nava, 25, Gastonia, and Maria Remedios Rosaldo Carrasco, 42, Lincolnton, are charged with one count each of felony identity theft.

Detective Andrew Alvarado said that Nava was using the identification of Eduardo Chacon, a Los Angeles firefighter who lost his wallet in 2001.

Chacon told authorities that he wasn’t aware that someone was using his identity until he was contacted by the IRS about why he didn’t report all of his income.

Carrasco was using the identity of Delia Zepeda of Harlingen, Texas.

Zepeda, whose purse was stolen during a vehicle break-in, was also made aware that someone had used her identity when she was contacted by the IRS.

Alvarado said both suspects are illegal immigrants and were employed at RSI Plant No. 2 in the Lincoln County Industrial Park.

Nava had been working at RSI for three years under his “assumed name” while Carrasco had worked at the plant for five years.

The suspects are held at the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center each under $20,000 bonds.

Detectives Sally Dellinger, Robin Powell and 1st Sgt. Lee Keller assisted with the investigation and arrests.

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