September 9, 2008

Sherman Police Department Daily Bulletins for 9/6 thru 9/9/2008

080004871 Society VICTIM of Forgery Govt/national Gov Instrmoney/secur (C), at 1XX E Houston St, Sherman, TX, on 09/08/2008, 01:10. Reported: 09/08/2008. CAVER, T. LW *LW25990*
On 9/08/08 at approximately 0110 hrs, in the 100 blk of E Houston St, a two vehicle accident occurred. One subject involved, as a passenger, in the accident was an adult hispanic male who provided me with a fraudulent Permanent Resident Card. This adult male was arrested for Fraudulent Government Document and transported to GCSO Jail. Immigration was contacted and an Immigration Hold was placed on this subject. Forgery Govt/national Gov Instrmoney/secur

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