September 17, 2008

We the People - Church stance is way off base

When did political activism and civil disobedience become part of the curriculum for children preparing for their First Communion?

The El Paso Catholic Diocese is urging catechism teachers to become activists for illegal immigration, to speak out against the proposed border fence, and is calling upon teachers attending its orientation retreat to teach people to go over or under the bridge.

The Catholic Church has become increasingly outspoken in its political stances, and often the viewpoints expressed by members of the clergy and diocesan representatives no longer reflect the opinions of many Catholics.

The Masses For Peace and Justice are thinly disguised anti-military demonstrations, and the call to this kind of activism encourages citizens to ignore the law.

When the line is blurred between personal opinion and public advocacy, the church risks the continued alienation of its parishioners. It is time for us to let them know we are proud to be part of the greatest, most generous country in the world. We support legal immigration and strongly oppose the use of the bully pulpit to promote their views.

When a church teaches its members to disregard the law, it is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Martha Boone / Upper Valley

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