September 2, 2008

Suspect in Ranch Murder in Mexico City

illegal alien murderer Texas,Hidalgo international bridge

Murder suspect, Froilan Casares giving America the finger, as he is entering Mexico on the Hidalgo international bridge.

Victim beaten to death on state representative's ranch

MISSION - A murder suspect who worked at a state representative's ranch has been tracked down to Mexico City.

Froilan Casares, an illegal immigrant, is accused of beating another worker to death with a baseball bat. The victim was Adin Rodriguez, who was also an illegal immigrant.

The two worked for State Representative Kino Flores. The murder happened on Flores' ranch, located off 8-1/2 Mile and Trosper Road in Mission.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino says U.S. investigators contacted Mexican authorities, who tracked down Casares.

Video had shown the Honduran national crossing into Mexico at the Hidalgo international bridge. From there, Casares took a bus to Monterrey and then headed to Mexico City.

In addition to the charge of capital murder, investigators say Casares also stole $400.

State Representative Flores says he had no idea either worker was illegal. The sheriff tells us federal authorities will handle any investigation into Flores' hiring of illegals.

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