August 6, 2008

Authorities Capture Illegal Immigrants in Driscoll Bailout

Manuel De La Rosa

(August 6, 2008)

DRISCOLL--Law officers in Driscoll were in hot pursuit of some suspected illegal immigrants this morning. Half were caught and the other half got away.

The illegal immigrants were from Central America and Mexico. They were captured after an alert officer noticed something unusual about a truck travelling on Highway 77.

Authorities said seven illegal immigrants ranging in ages between 15 and 40 were hiding under this black tarp in the bed of a truck. That's when a deputy constable decided to follow them to this convenience store on the southside of Driscoll.

"Well they were packed like sardines in the back," said Roland Padilla, a Deputy Constable for Nueces County in Precinct 3. "Yes, sir it was very inhumane, very inhumane."

The illegals were from El Salvador, Guatamala and Mexico. One told us he was going to Houston because life is tough back home in El Salvador.

Cesar Eduardo said: "It's very bad in El Salvador. We make $5 a day. We cannot do anything with that so we take a chance and try to come here for a better life.

Another man from El Salvador said it wasn't an easy trip once they were brought to the Valley by a human smuggler.

Jose flores said: "It's very difficult crossing the border and getting caught at this point. I was here five years ago before getting deported. I just wanted to get back here to make some money."

Officials said five others, including the driver, got away.

"The driver came out took off running and then there were about three or four inside the vehicle," Padilla said. "I wrestle with one of them, but I had to let him go."

Even though these illegal immigrants were caught, they told us it was worth giving it a try to get to the United States.

--Manuel De La Rosa, Area 3 News,

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TexasUpRoar said...

They come here because of Greed, not Need.

The exchange rate of the Dollar in El Salvador today.

Friday, August 8, 2008

1 US Dollar = 8.91564 El Salvador Colon

The cost of living in El Salvador is much lower than the US.

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