August 20, 2008

Illegal Alien, Sex Offender Deported

The man stayed in Katy for more than ten years after the crime.
By KTRH's Alan Scaia
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement has deported an illegal alien and convicted sex offender who was staying in Katy. The city says the subject was a juvenile when he committed the crime in 1994, and he stayed in Katy after serving his sentence.

"We were under a court order not to enforce immigration laws, so we have not been getting involved," says Police Chief Robert Frazier. "We're not a sanctuary city; we enforce every law on the books except civil law. Back then, that's what they said immigration was."

Frazier says the subject continued to threaten children on the streets and in parks. He says residents of Katy called police on the man "constantly."

"We had a major problem. ICE helped us get out of it and helped us get the contacts we need to make sure that doesn't happen here again," says Mayor Don Elder.

Elder says he contacted Congressman Michael McCaul. McCaul contacted ICE, and agents have deported the subject.

"If he comes back into the country, and he's caught again, the penalty is much more severe," McCaul says.

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