August 25, 2008

Two of Ten Misconceptions That Can Hinder FEMA Disaster Aid

I have to be a legal U.S. resident to receive Individual Assistance.

Possibly. To be eligible for cash assistance from FEMA you must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien (* Also, see bullet below). A qualified alien generally includes individuals who are lawful permanent residents (possessing an alien registration receipt card) or those with legal status due to asylum, refugee, parole (admission into the U.S. for humanitarian purposes), withholding of deportation, or victim of domestic violence. Check with an immigration expert for any questions about your legal status.

(*) I am an undocumented immigrant, and I don't think I qualify.

Possibly. Applications for Individual Assistance may be made on behalf of a child who is a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien. Or another adult household member may qualify for household assistance if he or she is a documented immigrant. You may also be eligible under many different programs run by state, local and voluntary. An undocumented immigrant may be eligible for short-term, non-cash emergency aid provided by FEMA.

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