August 17, 2008

Mexico Rates At The Top For Kidnappings

By Ray Gomez

Aug 17, 2008

Video: Mexico Rates At The Top For Kidnappings

There is bad news for Mexico today ... as a new study puts them at the top of the list for kidnappings.

A study released Thursday by the non-governmental organization I-K-V Pax Christi says there have been more kidnappings in Mexico than in any other part of the world.

Could this new information keep tourists from visiting our border country?

Our Annette Garcia has more on the story.

From food ... to music ... Mexico ... is a country rich in culture.
in the last few years .. However ... news of Feuding drug cartels and rising crime rates has taken their toll on Mexico’s image.

“Since the drug wars we just don’t go anymore.

“I just don’t think its worth the risk.”

Now a new studies involving kidnappings ... continues dampening the outlook for our neighboring country.

“of the estimated one hundred thousand kidnappings worldwide ... most of those happened right here in Mexico. The number is higher than that of Iraq and Pakistan.”

For many living in Mexico.... The news isn’t surprising.
“Si las authoridades tengan occopado ... or no pueden.. No se que esta pasando ... pero enseguridad si lo ay.”

She says she doesn’t know if it’s a problem with authorities ... but there definitely is a sense of insecurity.

The feeling ... not mutual.. With Milton Wemming ...who says he's been coming to Nuevo Laredo since the age of 14 ...
“I think most everything down here is drug related i think if you stay away from the drugs you’re okay.”

a quick trip ... others agree .. Isn’t anything to worry about.
“I’ve been to Nuevo Laredo a couple of times but I don’t have that kind of fear.”

but with several hundred people .. Now missing in Mexico ... those living on the u.s. side of the border only hope things will get better.

“I think its horrible ... they have to get these guys and stop the violence so everyone can enjoy Mexico for what it is ... a great country.”

After Mexico ... some of the top ten countries with the most kidnappings include ... Iraq ... India ... South Africa ... Brazil ... Pakistan ... Venezuela and Bangladesh.

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