August 26, 2008

Border fence construction begins in Lower Valley

EL PASO, Texas -- The construction of the new border fence has begun in El Paso's Lower Valley.

Crews started setting up the infrastructure on Yarborough and the Border Highway on Tuesday. The fence will run parallel to the Rio Grande to help prevent immigrants from illegally crossing.

Some residents in the area are against the building of the fence. Sandra Mendoza says, "It's an eyesore, and again I say it's ecologically not sound for our neighborhood and our desert community."

Despite the opposition the multi-million dollar fence construction is moving forward. Officials say other stretches of the fence will be built within the next couple years.

Border Patrol agent Ramiro Cordero said, " We understand the fence is not the only solution but it's going to buy us those precious seconds for an agent to respond to an area where an entry had been attempted."

The fence will be made up of double wire and mesh screening, so residents will still be able to look southward into Mexico.

"Fencing is nothing to new to the community, it's always been there. We're fortifying that fence in order to protect and increase the quality of life in our communities," Cordero said.

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