August 28, 2008

We the People - Writer misses point on language

Writer misses point on language

05:22 PM CDT on Thursday, August 28, 2008

Re: "A message for the English-only ultra-patriots – This argument isn't really about language, muses Mary Sanchez. It's about punishing immigrants," Sunday Points.

With few exceptions, history has shown that people who don't speak the same language cannot create a common culture and that people of different cultures eventually don't want to live together. We seek a common language to preserve our union.

California is not known as a bastion of right-wing America-first-ers. When bilingual education was struck down there, it was due to the support of the Hispanic community. Those immigrants understand the necessity of speaking the language of the society they live in. Ms. Sanchez should get out more and learn that there isn't an immigrant-punishing cross-burner hiding around every corner.

Gerald Meazell, Frisco

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