August 28, 2008

Oklahoma: AG defends immigration law

Associated Press - August 28, 2008 4:35 PM ET

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma attorney general's office has filed a brief with the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals defending Oklahoma's tough anti-illegal immigration law.

The state is asking the Denver court to reverse a ruling by U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron, who has blocked enforcement of provisions of the law affecting employers.

Cauthron ruled it was "substantially likely" that the law is unconstitutional.

Assistant Attorney General Dan Weitman argues in a brief filed this week that Oklahoma had every right to enact a law protecting taxpayers from suffering adverse effects from illegal immigration.

Weitman says the statute was carefully crafted so it would not interfere with federal law.

Cauthron issued the order prohibiting enforcement of parts of the law in a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups.

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