August 19, 2008

We the People - Bull what?

Dear Editor:

I doubt it seriously if Mr. Gabler will get a response from our senators. Here is why. Both our U.S. senators back the President’s three-times-defeated McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill (amnesty and path to citizenship for illegal aliens), despite all their deliberate spin to the contrary. Both are in the pockets of big business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the sake of cheap labor. Their staffs are obviously programmed to act as they did. So why should the senators be interested to stand up for border agents Ramos and Compean who did their duty to prevent drug smugglers and/or illegal aliens to cross our borders, and ask GW to pardon these good men? To make matters worse, Johnny Sutton, who lied and deliberately withheld evidence during the border agents’ trials, is a personal friend of the president. The trial was based on the sole testimony of a known drug smuggler who is now finally sentenced to jail. Sutton is the only one who should be jailed, not the border agents! Unfortunately, Washington nowadays is a circus with the clowns in charge.

Our state senator, in a speech a few months ago, stated that he had procured millions of dollars for border security and schools. After the meeting, I told him that his statement was just a half-truth, because I had a 2007 video tape in which he stated that he would not spend a penny going after illegal aliens; the money was only for drug interception.

He also stated that children from illegal aliens had the right to be educated in the U.S. at our expense. I disagreed and he kind of shouted: “Don’t believe the bull from former Sen. Galloway.” My response: Senator, the bull originates from you, not from Sen. Galloway.

A.N.M. Geldens


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