August 27, 2008

We the People - Bilingual ballots unnecessary

03:45 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re: "A message for the English-only ultra-patriots – This argument isn't really about language, muses Mary Sanchez. It's about punishing immigrants," Sunday Points.

Ms. Sanchez's column is typical of the folks who bash us for wanting English to be our official language. We do not mind hearing any language here in this country. We simply feel that printing and speaking everything in English and Spanish is unnecessary. We do not do that for the Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, etc. Why Spanish?

No other nation in the world prints election ballots in other than their national language. Why should we?

Speak anything you want, but learn English and let's stop printing everything in Spanish and English.

Mitchell B. Sandlin, Mesquite

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