August 30, 2008

We the People - We must set aside partisan bickering

I find all this "gotcha" by the press and finger-pointing by the presidential candidates about who is richest irrelevant to my concerns.

Instead of addressing our real problems, the candidates engage in a game of tit-for-tat and Congress does as little as possible and goes on another vacation.

This country is in serious trouble and hitting the skids more every day. We haven't a friend in the world except perhaps Great Britain, and it is in bad shape, too. We owe billions of borrowed money to our enemies. If they ever decide to call in their notes, we will collapse.

Our enemies control the oil market while Congress dithers and plays politics. Congress also refuses to take control of the immigration crisis for fear of losing the resident Latino vote. Most of the immigrants who come from south of the border are here for the freebies, not to become good U.S. citizens.

I talked to a woman recently who is here with a green card. I asked her why she didn't apply for citizenship. She was frank.

She said: "I don't want to be a citizen unless I could keep my other citizenship, too. But my cousin says I should become a citizen so that I can get more Social Security when I retire, so I may apply when I am about 60."

Our own citizens care only for the party and "what's in it for me," so why should newcomers be any different?

Until we all stop playing party politics and try to get what is best for the country, the United States I once knew is gone.

So what is important? We had better decide before it is too late.

Martha Williams
San Angelo

The Standard-Times

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