August 6, 2008

Kidnapped victims get identity stolen, parents say it's reopening old wounds

Families are upset at fraudsters taking on their missing daughter's identity

Story Created: Aug 6, 2008

Having a loved one go missing is already devastating enough, but finding out that their identity has been stolen can be even more heart breaking.

William Slemaker is the father of Yvette Martinez, she went missing back in September of 2004 while attending an event in Nuevo Laredo with her friend Brenda Cisneros, her identity has been used inappropriately.

Slemaker said his daughter's and her friend's identity have been used by fraudsters in pornography sites and chat rooms. Someone has also used their information to make fake documents.

Officer Joe Baeza with the Laredo Police Department said, "this is probably an example of how these people are completely uncaring and prey upon people's weakness." According to Baeza, stolen identity cases are prevalent in Laredo because people tend to sell identities to those undocumented immigrants wishing to work in America.

Meanwhile Slemaker and other families feel victimized again; once when their loved ones went missing, and now that someone is using their daughter's identities.

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