August 4, 2008

Mexican Nationals protest execution of Nuevo Laredo rapist and killer

Officials say Texas execution defies international treaty
By Ray Gomez

Story Created: Aug 4, 2008

A Nuevo Laredo man on death row is stirring up controversy in Texas and across. Convicted killer, Jose Medellin, is scheduled to be executed Tuesday at 6 p.m., but anti-death penalty activists, attorneys and World Court officials want the execution to be halted.

They said his right to place a call to the Mexican Consulate was not provided. Human rights activist and attorneys said his execution could be seen as an act of defiance of international law, and Texas would break the Vienna Convention, which the U.S. is a member of. The world court also states Medellin along with 50 other Mexican Nationals set to be executed should have a new hearing.

Mexican officials and some citizens don't agree with the Texas death penalty. Tamaulipas governor issued a letter to Texas Governor Rick Perry asking for the execution to be stopped. The Nuevo Laredo Mayor Ramon Garza Barrios is backing up the Mexican governor by adding that although they understand the severity of the crime, there are other options Texas can take to death penalty.

In news reports across the state Perry stated that Texas isn't bound by the decisions of international courts and Texas holds killers regardless of their nationality responsible for crimes.

Medellin and five other men are guilty for a gang rape and murder of 16-year-old Jennifer Ertman and 14-year-old Elizabeth Pena, back in 1993.

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