August 1, 2008

We the People - Melting pot, not diversity

Melting pot, not diversity

Re: "Diversity? No thanks – I choose to live among neighbors who share my values, says Trey Garrison, regardless of origin or color," Monday Viewpoints.

That ugly word "diversity" should be supplanted by "melting pot." When they arrived in the U.S. during immigrant waves of the past, citizen candidates sought to "fit in" as quickly as possible to the American lifestyle.

Sad to say that today there seem to be un-American forces at play that scream, "Look at our differences!"

We should be concerned should this "diversity" thing continue to grow that our good ol' American unity will be fragmented and our once-cohesive nation might Balkanize as the flame beneath the melting pot extinguishes.

Ed Matza, Plano

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