August 1, 2008

Immigration violations up in CBP weekly numbers


EL PASO, Texas -- Area Customs and Border Patrol officers recorded 199 immigration violations at area ports this week, an average of 28 per day, which officials say is higher than the usual 100-125 such violations recorded weekly.

CBP officers working at El Paso area ports also made 15 drug seizures, in which they confiscated 1,455 pounds of marijuana. They also confiscated a counterfeit $100 bill and recovered a stolen trailer, officials said.

CBP officers working at area ports recorded a total of 26 agriculture violations this week, resulting in $6,150 in penalties being assessed. Prohibited agricultural items seized this week included pork, ham, chorizo, bologna, fresh eggs, mangoes, avocados, pears, apples, peaches, guavas, quince, oranges, flowers, citrus tea and live plants.

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