August 7, 2008

Revolving door for US immigrants?

Critics of a "self-deportation" program are laughing at the federal government.
By KTRH's Scott Crowder
Thursday, August 7, 2008

Curtis Collier, president of U.S. Border Watch, says he knew the program called "Scheduled Departure" wouldn't work. "What happens here, if they self-deport and go through the system, then they get ID'd and fingerprinted. If they come back it's going to show they were previously here and it's gonna be detrimental to them as an illegal alien to do that."

Collier says illegals who want to comply are better off just walking back across the border on their own.

Richard Rocha of ICE says the program applies to about 460,000 illegals who've been asked to leave, but haven't committed any other crimes.

"It gives people who want to comply with the law the opportunity to remain out of custody so they can make arrangements for themselves and their families."

It seems no matter what ICE does it's criticized. The agency has taken heat for raids on businesses.

But Collier says he suspects the government is "lobbied" by industries who employ illegals.

"There's so much winking and nodding going on I'm surprised them people in Washington don't have to wear neck braces. I mean, it is constantly like that, making deals with either people in the agriculture industry on this side or the Mexican government on the other side."

Thus far, we know of only one illegal who's accepted the government's offer to "self-deport."

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