August 7, 2008

Texas has the fewest agents per…mile…on…Mexican…border

An analysis of Border Patrol staffing shows that the San Diego sector, with the shortest section of border and fences covering half the boundary, has four times the number of agents per mile that West Texas does and three times as many as most of Arizona.

That is the case even though the Tucson sector in Arizona has been the busiest spot for illegal crossings for years and El Paso sits next to a Mexican city that has seen a surge in drug-cartel violence so severe that Mexicans are pleading for asylum in the U.S. Some say lawmakers who most embrace the agency’s push are rewarded with more agents. Fort Worth, 4B


Uneven distribution Agents per mile based on head counts given to The Associated Press in July.

37 In San Diego’s short section of border, the most by far

11 For most of Arizona

9 For the Rio Grande Valley and West Texas

Different terrains The 60-mile San Diego sector is already heavily reinforced. Fences or vehicle barriers block two-thirds of the area’s border.

The border in Arizona and Texas is more wide open and more rural in many places, which can make it harder to guard.

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